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Ghana is the oldest, democratic independent state in Africa, south of the Sahara. The country achieved independence in March 1957 and it has a stable and functioning constitutional democracy. The next parliamentary and Presidential elections are due in December 2016. The country has a free press.

The country is the 2nd largest producer of cocoa in the world and is also well endowed with natural resources, including bauxite, manganese ore, industrial diamonds, timber, solar salt and major offshore oil reserves.

Ghana is Africa's second largest gold producer after South Africa. It has a long history of large scale gold mining, with four prolific greenstone belts that have yielded +120Moz of gold in past production. There are a number of gold mining companies operating in the country, including AngloGold Ashanti, Newmont, Goldfields and Golden Star. It is a respected mining jurisdiction. The mining tenure, royalty and tax laws are stable and well legislated. The country has a highly trained and skilled mining workforce at all levels of operation.

The climate is tropical with seasonal rains. It has a population of approximately 25 million and an educational level from primary to tertiary across country.

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