Guiding Principles

Maintaining a social license to operate is fundamental to the long-term success and sustainability of our business. To find out more, please read our 2017 CSR Report: CSR-Report-2017.pdf

Corporate social responsibility can be interpreted and implemented in many different ways. For Asanko, CSR means a commitment to keeping our workforce healthy and safe, contributing to the sustainable development of host communities and minimizing environmental impacts — all while providing strong financial returns for our shareholders.

This commitment is manifested in Asanko's CSR Charter which embodies the core principles that guide our operations. It focuses on continuous communication and transparency, community development, strict adherence to regulations, legislation, and industry standards, as well as maintaining and growing our social license to operate.

Supporting the Africa Mining Vision

Asanko actively supports the Africa Mining Vision (AMV), which provides a roadmap to sustainable development in Africa for governments, the private sector and non-governmental organizations. Alongside our productive engagement with local, regional, and national institutions, the Asanko Gold Mine will contribute to the AMV's objectives through procurement, hiring, and investment in skills development, thereby extending the mine's positive economic benefits to the wider Ghanaian economy.

Asanko's CSR Charter
  1. Complying with our corporate governance principles, national and international laws, industry codes and being a responsible corporate citizen
  2. Mitigating our impact on the environment
  3. Maintaining a high level Health and Safety performance
  4. Actively identifying opportunities to make a positive and meaningful contribution to the communities we operate in beyond the life of our mines
  5. Contributing to the economic and social development of our host countries
  6. Developing our employees
  7. Adhering to our values and demonstrating them in our behavior

We follow these guidelines in our CSR conduct:

  • We embrace the objectives of the Africa Mining Vision
  • We are guided by the Global Reporting Initiative in our CSR reporting
  • We regularly engage with our stakeholders and take into consideration their perspectives, concerns, customs and cultural heritage before we act
  • We work closely with landowners prior to commencing activities on the ground, and negotiate fair compensation for such activities where appropriate
  • We hire local, regional and national residents and use goods and services from our local communities wherever possible, without compromising our quality and efficiency standards
  • We uphold fundamental human rights and do not interfere or take sides in politics or social issues
  • We work with unified local committees to identify and prioritize community development projects intended to promote long-lasting livelihood improvements
  • We do not tolerate any unethical behavior by any stakeholder involved in our business.

Asanko draws on the following international standards to guide our management imperatives and approaches:

  • Global Reporting Initiative ("GRI")
  • Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative ("EITI")
  • Equator Principles
  • International Finance Corporation Performance Standards
  • World Bank Environment, Health, and Safety Guidelines
  • World Health Organization ("WHO") Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality
  • International Cyanide Management Code ("ICMC")