Our goal is to recruit, retain and motivate a highly skilled workforce through training, career development opportunities and competitive remuneration.

As a major employer in Ghana, the Asanko Gold Mine has a total workforce of employees and contractors of approximately 2,400 people, we aim to be recognized as an employer of choice. The mine’s management team, which is responsible for the day-to-day management of the operation, is led by a Ghanaian and is predominantly Ghanaian.

In 2018:

  • We support diversity and equal opportunity.
  • Remuneration is gender neutral and determined by expertise, experience and performance.
  • We aim to have strong representation of workers from our local communities to ensure they benefit from the presence of the mine.
  • We have developed policies and procedures, in consultation with our local stakeholders, so that local community members enjoy preference for jobs, provided they have the required qualification for the role.
  • We invest heavily in training, our training programs are multifaceted, focusing on technical training, leadership and business literacy, and procedures and standards, as well as career development.
  • All of our contractors are expected, in cooperation with our human resources department, to follow similar procedures.

Supporting Women in Mining

Asanko is a proud equal opportunity employer and celebrates the positive impact diversity brings to our workplace.

Our female colleagues play an integral role in at Asanko across all levels of the business and currently comprise 12% of our total workforce, well above the national average of 7% in the Ghanaian mining industry.

As part of our desire to become an employer of choice, we introduced a number of new initiatives on the mine to attract and retain our female colleagues and have a formal Women in Mining Charter:

  • Women will be encouraged to apply for jobs
  • Women will be accommodated on site when required
  • Maternity leave is above the Ghanaian legislated requirement
  • Nursing mothers will be permitted to stay on site with their babies and nannies
  • Special provision has been included in the Collective Agreements on Sexual Harassment to protect women