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The Manso Nkran Partial Resettlement Project

A portion of the Manso Nkran village, consisting of 88 households, was resettled in 2015 as it lay within the 500m blasting radius of the Nkran pit.

The partial resettlement project was done in full consultation with the local community and Asanko adhered to the provisions in the Ghana Minerals and Mining Act, 2006 (Act 703) and followed international best practice regarding compensation and resettlement of the community.

The project was designed to a high standard and consists of 88 households with kitchen, toilet and shower facilities, a school, a community centre and a football field and includes street lighting, electricity supplied to each new house, an integrated waste management system and a large potable water storage facility. The resettlement was built by the local community, with over 60% of the contractors from the project catchment area, for the local community.

Local community old house

Old House

Local community New houses

New House