Capital Structure

Directors, Management & Insiders

Directors and Officers, including management, (and their associates and affiliates as a group) beneficially own, directly or indirectly, or exercise control or direction over, ~5,399,814 shares, representing ~2% of Asanko

Directors and Officers Shares
Colin Steyn, Chairman 2,697,0591
Peter Breese, President & CEO 780,249
Fausto Di Trapani, CFO 204,812
Hugo Truter, Executive:
SVP Projects & Engineering
Marcel de Groot, Director 40,000
Gordon Fretwell, Director 236,1002
Bill Smart, Director 1,092,561
Shawn Wallace, Director 17,200
Total 5,399,814

1. Of these Common Shares, Mr, Steyn holds 1,719,459 indirectly through Springvale Enterprises Ltd., a family trust.
2. Of these Common Shares, Mr Fretwell holds 6,300 indirectly through his RRSP.

As at April 19, 2018

Top 10 Shareholders

Gold Fields 9.9%
Donald Smith & Company 9.1%
Ruffer 8.0%
Sun Valley Gold 6.6%
Gold Mountains, Jin Huang Mining, Zijn 7.9%
Franklin 5.9%
Pictet & Cie 4.0%
Van Eck Junior Gold Miners EFT 3.5%
Taurus Funds 2.2%
Renaissance Technologies LLC 2.0%

Based on Company filings, as reported on IPREO
as at February 14, 2019