Asanko believes contributing positively towards the socio-economic development of our local communities and host country is the most sustainable business option. We are committed to exploring the opportunities available in-country for goods and services that relate to our value chain and operational requirements.


As a responsible mining business, we have a duty to balance our economic performance with our ability to source goods and suppliers ethically, with clear and accessible procurement requirements. We have standardized our approach to ensure complete transparency in our procurement processes and, with the Minerals Commission of Ghana’s approval, have put together a Local Procurement Plan for the Asanko Gold Mine.

We also support the Africa Mining Vision and promote the prioritization of local suppliers of goods and services as well as development of local manufacturing and supply chains.


As a major business in Ghana, we interact with a large number of contractors and specialized small and medium enterprises. We have successfully identified Ghanaian companies and suppliers for most all of our requirements at the mine, ranging from grinding and steel balls used in the processing facility, to earthmoving services, heavy-duty electrical cables, HDPE/PVC pipes, general lubricants, quick-and hydrated lime, explosives and plastic sample bags as well as catering and transport services.

Our Tender Procedures for Contracts is a key mechanism for ensuring that all suppliers to the Asanko Gold Mine are able to comply with our own standards of labour management, quality control, health and safety, codes of conduct and environmental stewardship. Suppliers are required to demonstrate their organizational capacity, measures for the control of risk and accreditations as required. For high risk services, we may conduct a site visit in accordance with our tender procedures. The tender process itself is tightly controlled with a number of key steps to ensure a fair and equitable opportunity for all tenderers.


The tender process has been fully automated which will save time and prevent any risk of human intervention during the whole process.


  • The Request for Tender (RFQ) can be viewed by accessing the web portal by clicking here.

You will find this page:

Click User -> Register

Enter all details on screen, then click link as received in your mailbox to complete registration Thereafter, once logged in, navigate to the appropriate screens on the web portal

  • An e-mail can automatically be generated to the supplier to notify of new quoting bid available online
  • The supplier will login with valid credentials (email address and password)
  • Supplier will be able to view all relevant detail for RFQ’s where his supplier code is linked on the RFQ:
    • Supplier code linked to account when subscribed on portal
    • Similar detail as the PDF send manually from RFQ Process
    • In grid layout on page:
      • Buyer Name
      • Buyer E-mail (if buyer needs to be contacted when supplier has enquiry)
      • Reference Number & Line
      • Date
      • Our Part#
      • Description
      • Your Part# (If available)
      • Qty
      • UOM
      • Currency (as per supplier linked)
      • Deadline (Response By / Valid until)
      • Required By (Site delivery date)
  • At the deadline (setup per RFQ), the system will automatically close to further submission of prices by all invited vendors
  • Supplier submits quoted prices online
    • Submit option from view grid on web page
      • Unit cost
      • Promised date (transporter & site delivery)
      • Any discounts applicable
    • Can amend submitted prices
      • Only if the RFQ still on status Awaiting Quotes from Supplier
    • Also option to remove prices if decided to not quote anymore
      • Only if the RFQ still on status Awaiting Quotes from Supplier
    • Part submit of RFQ allowed, if not bidding on all lines
      • Also can submit part now, and another part later (fits in with amend option)
    • For each RFQ the supplier submit prices, the applicable Inco Term must be selected (one is selected for the entire RFQ / part of the RFQ the supplier submit on)
      • DDP - Delivered Duty Paid
      • EXW - ex-works
      • FCA - free carrier
      • FAS - free alongside ship
      • FOB - free on board
      • CFR - cost and freight
      • CIF - COST insurance and freight
      • CPT – Carriage Paid to (duty paid)
      • CIP - Carriage and Insurance paid to
      • DAF - Delivered at Frontier
      • DES - Delivered ex-ship
      • DEQ - Delivered EX quay
      • DDU - delivered duty unpaid